Interview With Snowflakes

Snowflakes interview

Snowflakes interview

We are pround to present  an interview we had with  Melvin  by real name,  known as Snowflakes.  The  young and charismatic Snowflakes who just released his new song ” GENESIS” is having the dream to one day achieve the heights of one of his idols Drake and also to have the opportunity of crossing the boarders with his music. UDReporter had the chance of witnessing Snowflakes on a special event organized by the oil Tycoon, Ifanyi Ubah  of capital oil & gas which took place in FC ifeanyi ubah stadium Nnewi anambra. enjoy the interview. – J.Müller UDReporter.

UDReporter | Hi Snowflakes, how are you doing, Nice having you on our interview today.

Snowflakes |  ok and u

UDReporter | Thank you and if you do not mind as we are just eager to get some informations out of you for the fans. So we are starting direct with the first question so  where and when are you born?

Snowflakes | I was born on 12th July 1995, in umuahia abia state.

UDReporter | who is your role-model if you have one?

Snowflakes | You know, it is kind of difficult to realy say, ( jokinly ) people might think am out of my mind to say this but its the plain truth ,am into three genres of music and that says also that i have different role models based on the music styles i identify with. For Pop, my role models are;Drake, Tresongs and Justin Bieber and for Hiphop, i look up to Busta Rhymes, Sarkodie and Lil Wayne.

UDReporter | What movie did you watch last?

Snowflakes |  Angels and demons

UDReporter | What has inspired you into music?.

Snowflakes |   As i  a younge child I loved singing……naturally  but growing up and seeing stars, i got inspired because it is like  doing something  i know best so i decided to chase it full time to exhibit my talent and to tell d world my story.

UDReporter | please can you tell us one major life guardiance your parents gave to you to help you scale through life?.

Snowflakes |   Never give up on what matters the most to you. Keep fighting for what you want. And  Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

UDReporter | Wow! that is a powerful message you got from your parents and we hope others get the message too. Our next question, how many brothers and sisters do you have?.

Snowflakes |  Three sisters and three brothers … I making it the total of four boys

UDReporter | We see you are always dressing very smart, where do you get your outfits from?.

Snowflakes |  Hahahahaha , Well I love and loved  fashion right from kid….. I don’t like to copy, I like being real
I design what I wear…den show it to my tailor  and he finaly comes up with  gud stuffs.

UDReporter |  Where do you chill out when you do?.

Snowflakes |  Studio…..any thing apart from music don’t make me happy So I chill out in d studio

UDReporter | Do you love reading, when yes which was the last book you read last?.

Snowflakes | Yes I do luv reading…..the last book I read was …. “Texas, our Texas”

UDReporter | What is your favorite color?.

Snowflakes |Black is my most loved color

UDReporter | What style of music do you listen to apart from the music you produce?.

Snowflakes | [ I do reggae, hiphop, Afropop, Bluesand RnB ……….I DON’T do hiplife …..but I do listen to it and I like it

UDReporter | looking at you, we see you are a cute young man, Are you hooked up or still single? .

Snowflakes | You flatter me badly (laugh)  Anyway Thanks for that but Am single, not hooked up yet.

UDReporter | Are you still living at home with parents ?.

Snowflakes |  Yeah

UDReporter | Everybody says the the new Nigerian president is not doing enough, if you were elected the president of nigeria, what would be ur first major goal?

Snowflakes | Building the economy…. Because the economy is totally down

UDReporter | We are made to understand that you are still studying, how easy is it for you to stil create time for studio productions?

Snowflakes |  It not an easy stuff shaa… But I do find it easy by dividing my programs,   I study at night… While the day is for studio works. I don’t take night section

UDReporter | What do u think should be changed in the nigerian music industry?

Snowflakes | For me Nothing because everybody have his or her own pattern or genre…. So we can’t change anything in order to favour us alone but we also  have to think about others

UDReporter | Do you think that Government involvement in the music industry would make a good impact ?

Snowflakes |   Yeah…it will  i think.

UDReporter | We see you have released two tracks with a german Digital Label, the first one was titled, DEJAVU and ur latest that caught our attention why we decided to have the interview with you , GENESIS, For us, we feel u have chosen a word from the bible Genesis, Does that have anything in relation to the bible? Tell us a brief story on what the song is all about.

Snowflakes | The track (GENESIS),As you know, genesis is the first book of the bible rather the beginning of the bible and in this particular track, iam using the word meaning the beginning or starting point …. if u have listened to the song u would have  heard  where I said, “am in genesis…. make me gat to revelation” the statement or the lyrics there… says  or try to mean that the love a man  has for a woman or a lady….  should not be hushed hence he is still at the starting point  or the beginning….therefore, the lady should not be hasteful  to the point of being hard on the man  I stand on my message as said in the genesis that ladies should give the man the chance to move further to the next level of revalation which is for the man to show his love because i feel love matures with time.

UDReporter | How did you come into contact with universialdigital?

Snowflakes | Through my uncle ( Marc Wilson )

UDReporter | Tell us one thing you would wish

Snowflakes  | I Wish to be famous like drake

UDReporter | What is your future plan on music, Do you have more tracks than the two you have released?

Snowflakes  | Ya, I have more than eight tracks …..the ones that are ready

UDReporter | Do you have a manager?

Snowflakes  | Yeah, my manager is called “Menuzzy” he is also a producer

UDReporter | Are you a member of PMAN, or COSOM?

Snowflakes  |No. Not yet a member

UDReporter | Do you have a drivers licence?

Snowflakes  | No, I don’t have a driving licence ………. But will later

UDReporter | Do you have plenty of friends?

Snowflakes  |  No, I choose my friends

UDReporter | What is your favourite dish / Food?

Snowflakes  |  Rice

UDReporter | Well  i see myself as a very helpful person,  ( Laughingly ), Am soft to everybody

UDReporter | Say a word to your fans out there and say a word too to Germany. and thank you for giving out your time for the interview

Snowflakes  |  I say thanks to everybody who love and listen to my songs and I promise to make more good music  that will equally  cover your genre….. And also big thanks to Germanyand the people ,especially Universial Digital…. God bless !



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