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TEN VITAL  TIPS! to building your popularity:

Sometimes it seems a never ending struggle building your popularity but on the other hand for some it seems so fast like a flash of light.

We are going to give you some useful tips on how to build up your popularity.

Firstly, you have to know on which aspect you want to drive your popularity.

Be it in the entertainment direction, film acting, singing, modelling or even  being a popular carpenter.

Knowing this, You have scored your first point.

The second point is,  How crazy and dogmatic  you are

This might sound lurid nasty but it is the naked fact!

Looking at the world today, one would  find out that almost crazy things or crazy characters are successful which has also been like that from time. taking characters like, Madonna, Michael Jackson, or Lady GaGa. All these stars where able to build on their popularity through the exhibition of some weird or crazy character which is though not easy to play.

The Third point goes on your personality.

Which plays a very major role in your popularity pursuit. You do not have to be arrogant,  you have to maintain the low level altitude  to win the sympathy of the people which includes the press and media.

Fourth point,  you have to take your contract partners very seriously,

do not  give impression of non cooperative altitude hence this might damage your PR. thereby  creating bad image management before you even get started.

Fifth Point, You must be an out going character and open minded.

Make sure you don’t miss out on events where prominent stars show up even if it has to cost you some little cash.

Sixth Point, Try as much as you can, each time you have the opportunity  to  meet with any star or a personalities,

that you try to have a snapshot with them as this might help in building your repertoire.

Seventh Point, Try as much as possible to make sure, your face appears in different Medias

newspapers, tv- shows, or street events as this helps to build your social media and main stream presence.

Eight Point, Be strong minded to always do things in a unique different ways

especially, your Outlook, your dress mode. these are the best and more effective way of building your popularity, drawing attentions to you where ever you go. (Some times, it could be very challenging but the reward is worth it.)

Ninth  Point, Engage your self to several social Networks,

you can hire a Social Media Manager, who can work you up into some of the top social media platforms which include the TOP 5 as i will call it, comprising of ; (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  YouTube, Pinterest).

Tenth Point, Do not forget, in any undertaking,  there must be a plan and tool to accomplish it

therefore, you have to get yourself equipped with materials like Video, Photos Biography, which are seen as your first visit card into building your fame.

Now you have ten points on how to build your popularity, So do your best and let us know if we have been able to help you out with  our tips and how much more we could help you in the future.

For more Coaching and Mentoring contact us HERE our Professional team is  very happy to assist you in your career.

Time to take a chance and go for your goals!

universialdigital Team!


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