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Stepping into the music business seems and sounds quite an easy essay but when you are in it, you start noticing  multiples of  unforeseen obstacles that make you realize, it is not all that easy going like it sounds.

Music Business is one of the most complicated businesses you can ever think about but with success, it becomes easy to manage though taking into consideration of the  success factor,  releasing your music wisely.

Starters mistake.

Many starters in their bid to push their  popularity believe by releasing  albums or releasing every week a new song, will help drive or accelerate their popularity. This is a wrong view !

In today’s technological improvements which has made it even more easier for more music to be heard and produced,  wasting your time putting together an album which might consist of about 10 songs or more whereas, you are not famous, is nonsense just like waste time releasing every week a new song.

Up until the early 80´s  when the use of compact Disc (CD)  came into play, music production was based on records and most of the musicians or artists  worked with album releases and  the music business was  not yet that digitalised like it is today.  with the digitalisation, the music world was taken into a different and  higher level opening up other avenues of marketing ideas which saw to the birth of  Single-maxi releases.


This allows the record companies or artists to gradually fit into the music business.  Maxi -Single release ,  is  a release of just one track either in three different versions, normally, radio edit, club edit and other third edit, which might include a bonus extra track which should though not overshadow the major track. Do not forget the fact that you are a new artist with a new song and there is jungle out there!, so you just dont want to think you can easily get a hit at the first shot, this magic can only happen in a million. so why then want to waste a 10 – 15 tracks called album for your first try? That’s why we release Singles first. WISE RELEASING !

Some “popularity hungs” would release one song after the other in an interval of a week , two or three, believing with the more songs they get out, their popularity skyrockets to high heaven, Hell no !  you are rather achieving the opposite of your goal.

Think about your audience, you present them within short intervals new tracks, without giving   them the time to digest the first song, secondly, You dont  give the would-be  fans and buyers the chance to appreciate your effort.  What about the social media? they think this is just another “wanna be”.


  • * Will be, Release a song once in every six months (6).
  • * Spend more time promoting that track.
  • * Hire a social Media Manager, Bloggers to help you promote the track intensively.

This way, you are saving nice valuable songs you would have lost adding up in an album  or releasing new song every week or two that nobody would have bought. You are also saving time and money. People take you more seriously. You stand the chance of being discovered by any major label.

In nutshell

You get it wrong:

  1. Releasing a new song almost every one or two weeks intervals
  2. Releasing an album when you are not famous

You Get it Right:

  1. Releasing a song once in every (6) six months
  2. Releasing  Maxi Singles and no albums.
  3. Release albums after you are famous
  4. Hire Social Media Manager ( SMM ) or Bloggers to promote your track

We hope this piece helps you but still follow us for part 2, thank you


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