COMEBACK BlackReverendz [ Ayangba ]  

COMEBACK  BlackReverendz [ Ayangba ]

Back in 2001,  two friends from AJ. as the Lagosians call it, Wesley and Shobb2 both graduates held the music industry and the whole of Nigeria to a spellbound with their popular HIT “Ayangba Girls are Dangerous” a piece they normally wanted to use to satirize the then millitary government but the music rather took a different turn into becoming an overnight Hit. The dou known as #BLACKREVERENDZ were in this time the most wanted artists thereby setting a trend and a trademark  that lasted a long time in the Nigerian Music industry before suddenly, they were erased from the scene living a darkhole in the hearts of many of their fans.

Our UDReporter caught the live performance of Blackreverendz in the URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL in Freedom Park Lagos state, on the Nigerias independence day. The show was  breathtaking with fascinating acrobatic displays and leg twisting with new  vulnerable  Dance steps which already got the crowd so excited and chanting for more of Black Reverendz. One would see that the Blackreverendz dou have come  to stay  and we therefore decided to get out some words for their fans. enjoy the interview.

 UDR |   Hi Blackreverendz, how you guys doing?
BRev. |    Hi, We good.
 UDR |    We see you guys are still sweating bullets from your performace and hope you would not mind answering some questions we think might interest your fans.
BRev |   Hahaha, (Wesley) you know, we do everything that makes our fans happy. (Shobb2) Yes very right it is  our fans that made it possible for us to be here again
 UDR |  Your show was amazing , From the first instance we were wondering if you still have your swag of  the late 90s in the time of ayangba girls are dangerous after which you just disappeared from the  scene. Tell us a bit of what happened and why it took you guys so long to make this comeback.
Shobb2 | I wouldn’t have encouraged the long silence away from the game. If I could go back 15 years.. we  surely be hitting d scene with music after music.
Wesley | We left the shores of this country. Trying to make ends meet. But we are back full time and yes..  we still have d swag n the stage presence and ability
 UDR |  We see that your comeback is tight, first we understand your new record company is an American  firm and we also understand that you have digitally released your new song, “Won To Gboro”  through a German company,  that says, you have gone international. Tell us how you came in             contact to these firms.
Wesley | We met with Mr Julius gbolahan. Chairman CEO MJG records. Who was a fan of black Reverendz way back and also had produced some artiste like sunny neji way back. We talked n agreed to invest into our talent again. Because he believed in us n what we have to still offer. Also meeting  with Universialdigital was God’s work. They heard our song online , contacted us and we agreed to release our new comeback  song          “Won Ti Gboro”  digitally with them. And so far it has been  amazing.
 UDR  | When did you fall in love for the first time?,
Shobb2 |   In 1996
Wesley |   In  1993
 UDR  |  What big dreams would you still love to accomplish?
BRev  |   Winning a Grammy award
 UDR  |  What kind of music do you listen to privately?
Shobb2| Soul and R and B
Wesley | Fela
 UDR  |  Do you have an idol, who is this person?
Shobb2 | Yes i do and this person is Bob Marley
Wesley |  My Idol is the king of pop, Michael Jackson
 UDR  |  What is your favourite food?
Shobb2 |  pounded yam and ogbono soup
Wesley |  Amala and ewedu
 UDR  |  How should your dream wife look or be like ?
Shobb2 | Fair , beautiful, tall n intelligent
Wesley | Big. Beautiful n homely.
 UDR  |  What is the name of the book you read last?
Shobb2 | Fifty shades of grey
Wesley | Raging bull
 UDR  |  Are you married ?
BRev |      No, We are still singles
 UDR  |  How many children do you have or would love to have?
Shobb2 |   I have no child but would love to have three (3) Kids
Wesley |   I have three children and am done.
 UDR  |  We heard it through the wind that your biggest inspiration in producing #Ayangba girls are dangerous came from Junior and Preety, How true is this story?
Shobb2 |  Very true…they were Nigerian first pidgin rap hit makers. And we were inspired by them. They practically talked us into pidgin rap. No doubt
 UDR  |  Are you members of PMAN ?
Shobb2 | Bonafide members of Pman
 UDR  |  Can you tell some other artists out there some benefits of being a PMAN member?
Shobb2| Every artiste needs an umberalla. A union to fight n protect n encourage u. The benefits are huge.  U cannot stand alone in some cases.
 UDR  |  We saw you with some music mentors in the Nigerian music industry like, Sir Shina Peters, Ras Kimono and Jazzman Olofin , did you guys talk about dueting together or working together anytime in the future?
Shobb2 | when artistes meet they talk music n the business in music. Yes we spoke randomly about things. When its necessary to collabo..we surely will.
 UDR  |  What where your dreams when growing up, Did any of these come true?
Shobb2 | Always dreamt of being a star. Wanted to b in the entertainment industry. And yes..its turned out  perfectly so. To God b d glory
 UDR  |  Besides your success, is there anything else you are proud of?
Shobb2 | Proud of being and MC with a university degree
 UDR  |  Name the most important event in your life
Shobb2 | For now My buffday
Wesley | Same
 UDR  |  We saw that you brought out these two acrobatic dancers who came in to shed more light on the direction  your future stage shows will be going, Do you think other artists in the country would like to follow your footsteps?
BRev |   yes ..we think its not enough to just come on stage n just sing ur song . people need to get value for their money.artiste need to bring something extra to the table. People can as well just slot ur CD n listen to ur song n don’t bother about coming to your shows. Cos u r just on stage miming to the CD. But a performance has to b a performance in the every word of it. Make it extra for the people. They should learn from our stage act..nothing wrong learning from us still..after all we are pioneers of today music in Nigeria ( laughingly ).
 UDR  |  Put some words for your German , American and UK. fans
BRev. |  Thank you to all our fans..for their love, prayers and all. We appreciate u guys n promise not to dissapoint you. Please follow us on Twitter and facebook.


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