Marc Wilson


Marc Wilson  is a Nigerian Artist, Singer/Rapper , composer and a producer, whom we may call a multi talent  based in Germany. the fifth child of the family of Comfort and Mark Ogbuiyi of Umuagu-Umuahia of Abia State Nigeria. MarcWilson‘s musical career, started at an early age While in Nigeria at a time in the high school, where he was  the president of the musical society. Under his leadership, he was able to put up stunning musical show events which made him among his friends an outstanding personality and after completing his graduation in a professional school in business administration, decided to leave his motherland Nigeria to continue his journey in germany where he resides and calls his home as a German citizen today.

Startedly in 1989.Marc Wilson started off doing little jobs like dish washing as kitchen help and worked himself up to an export manager in a computer company.In 1994 Marc Wilson ventured into music professionaly which has been his ambition, he produced his first maxi singles “Jack the city boy” which was rejected by his then producer and replaced by ” LOCOMOTION” where the late Melanie Thornton POPULARLY KNOWN as” LABOUCH ” sang as background singer,  through this engagement with Marc Wilson, She was signed on by the famous producer Frank Farian of Millie Vanillie, Bony M etc. In 1996 Marc Wilson secured another label deal, this time with an independent label  called ” Down Town music with copyright coverage over Edition Geli/EMI, and this gave birth to the song “Feel My Body”this song performed well  with huge  Air coverages in German and european countries and in 1997 under thesame label, his third maxi was released called ” Ces’t La Vie.

In 1998, Marc Wilson struck yet a new deal with another independent label Manifold/Compile music and the maxi Make My Day” was released, this company made it posible for this song to be placed on a compilation in japan selling over 250000 copies .
In 2000, Marc Wilson got a call from a friend  an indipendent Label owner JAKAY Records and was persuaded to give his label a try which resulted in the release of ” EZUMBALE” under pseudonym name, Lalit  the song was rated # 8 in marlloca international chart and rated with 5 stars by the popular Bravo margazine.
During his active musical period, Marc Wilson was able to convince both his listening watchful audience that he is a true natural  entertainer, Marc Wilson has put up performances with popular artists like Touche, Masterboy,Haddaway, Dr Alban George Mcrea B.G Prince of Rap, Captain Hollywood Hot Chokolate etc. and was also opener to several popular artists back in the 90s.  He was also featured in several big events like Sound of Frankfurt, schulerferien festival and was a regular engaged artist of Radio PSR, SR1. etc. and worked together with big management companies like World Concert, Thopo music, Happy world Tours, CIS music.


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